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Glossary F - Glossary - Reference Area. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 03:42 pm
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Facing Crossover : A crossover arranged so that trains can pass from one track to the other while travelling forwards.
Facing Point : A track turnout positioned so its points face oncoming traffic.
Feed : The place where a connection is made to supply power to the track. In model railway terms we refer to the feed as the positive.
Feedback : Feedback controllers create a closed loop between the controller and the locomotive which senses the load in the circuit and constantly adjusts the output. This will maintain the locomotive at an even speed up and down gradients and around curves without altering the regulator of the controller. Feedback controllers are not suitable for Portescap or other coreless motors or for poor quality mechanisms particularly in 'N' and other small gauges.
Fiddle Yard : This is an out of sight, non scenery part of the layout where your trains go to when they have vanished from sight beneath a road over bridge, through a tunnel or behind a building somewhere, the choice is yours. The trains can be turned here, either by hand or by mechanical means, for their return journey.
Figure Eight : The kind of layout where the continuous run crosses over itself in the shape of a figure eight.
Finescale : Term used to describe models built close to the correct size. Can apply to any scale and gauge.
Fishplates : Also known as rail joiners. Metal clips used to join track together to provide an unbroken electrical circuit.
Fixed Distant : A distant signal which is fixed in the on position to indicate a permanent speed restriction or other need for caution at a given location.
Flanges : The projection/lip on railway wheels, which keeps them on the track.
Flash : The name for surplus material which can occur on moulded parts in line with the mould parting line. It may be found on either white metal, plastic or resin components and can be removed using a fine scalpel blade.
Flat bottom Rail : The standard rail section in use on all modern systems. The rail has a wide base and, originally, was spiked directly to the sleeper. With increasing train loadings, baseplates were introduced to spread the load and on all but lightly laid track now has the rail secured either by bolts and clips or patent clips.
Flexi-track : As the name suggests this is flexible and can be cut and curved to suit your track plan, where a standard radius of track will not fit.
Freelance : Modeling that does not follow a prototype railroad.
Frog : The crossing nose on a turnout.
Full Brake : A coach type railway vehicle with accommodation for luggage and guard, but not passengers.
Function Mapping : In DCC, changing a decoder’s CVs to determine which function button controls which function output.
Function Outputs : Wires on a decoder that power locomotive accessories such as lighting. Function outputs are most commonly used to control sound effects and the front and rear headlamps of a locomotive.


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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Reference Area. > Glossary > Glossary F
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