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The Irish Scene - Locomotives. - Rolling Stock - Europe & Australia. - The Prototype Photograph Archive. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Fri Jan 1st, 2010 04:06 pm
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Copyright IE 201:-

The new IE 22000 railcars introduced into full squadron service in 2009 replacing GM 201 class hauling mark 3 coaches.

Iarnoid Eireann 2700 class replaced 141/181 loco hauled services with cravens in tow in the early part of this decade.

Iarnoid Eireann 201 River class introduced 1994/1995, the first official 100mph mainline loco in the fleet and mechanically similar to the class 66. These days they re used on the Dublin - Cork, Dublin - Belfast passenger services they re also used for freight services such as the Norfolk liner Waterford to Ballina and some other container services.

The best locos that IE have in their fleet by a country mile!!!!. The 071 class are the maids of all work but are mainly freight locos these days, they have one of the highest availabiltity records of any GM loco both in Ireland and further a field. They came into the fleet in the mid 1970's and were used on passenger services until the 201 class were introduced. BR in the 1980's seriously looked into buying them instead of the class 58 and were probably the catalyst for Foster Yeoman buying the class 59.
These days they can be found system wide mainly on freight and infrastructure trains.

CIE C class built in Manchester by Metrovick for branchline service in 1955, these locos suffered from severe brakedowns in their early days and led CIE to buy all later locos of GM. They were re engined using GM products in the 1970's and later had careers on both sides of the border were they were eventually withdrawn in the early 1990's.
Now there are three in existence the others are in a lot better condition than this example which is now happily been restored to static museum condition.

B103 very similar to the BR class 31, built in the Birmingham Railway carriage and works in 1956 with sulzer powerplants these ran on CIE metals from 1956 to 1978. One is preserved by the ITG and is now based in  Co Clare.
G601 made in Cologne Germany by Deutz 1956/7 and were mainly used as shunting locos there is quite a few in existence including a few in Downpatrick Co. Down in Northern Ireland.

Railway Inspection car used by the permanent way for line inspections, it carries an unoffical name of Jess and is by far and away my 5 year old daughters favourite railway equipment!!!

Following the track maintenence team here is Plasseur & Theurer Tamper 742.

Here is 141 the class leader for the 141/181 class, these locos have been in operational use for close on 50 years and have been used on practically every service on the Island of Ireland. Mostly used double headed with another 141 but have been known to do this with both the 121 and 071 class over the years. These days they are mainly used as yard shunters and on infrastructure trains. Two are definitely saved for preservation but there maybe more preserved in the near future.

Below is the reason why all modern Irish locos are gm's, this is the 121 class which from 1960 to 2008 were in charge of every rail service at some stage. The 141/181 class are twin cab versions of this class, and as a result these locos always ran cab first or like above. The two below, 124 and 134, are the only two survivors.


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