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The Basic Kit. - Materials & Tools. - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Wed Oct 17th, 2007 05:00 pm
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Clamps of various sizes - At a push in some cases you can use a clothes peg but there are many small plastic clamps on the market today and they too can come packed by the half dozen. Make sure you get the type where the jaws are parallel to each other.
Cutting Pad - Not essential, especially if you are using a glass modelling surface but they are kind to blade edges and last a long time.
Craft knives - This is one area where you can save money at first because although the blades on cheap knives are inferior and won't last very long they are still sharp enough for the job while they do last and you get a lot of blades for your money. These are the snap off type that come in a plastic holder.
Drill - Electric - preferable but not essential.
Drill Bits - Various sizes for most materials, metal, wood and walls.
Empty biro - The tip makes a different type of scriber.
Files - Again of various sizes and cuts.
Fretsaw : Very handy for cutting out those awkward shapes. Of course you could just avoid the awkward shapes.
Geometry set - The ones sold for school children will be adequate.
Hammer - Obvious again.
Kitchen Roll - As above and to wipe up other messes, of which there will probably be a lot if you are anything like me.
Mini Drill : A very handy item indeed and one which comes quite cheaply nowadays.
Needle Files : These usually come in a pack of varying cross sections for different jobs.
Paint brushes - Like the craft knives you don't have to spend a lot of money at first as the brushes will be used mainly on rougher work. Available on sheets at many cheapo shops.
Pens and Pencils - Obvious.
Ruler - Metric or otherwise, depends what your preferred unit of measurement is, in most cases today that will be metric.
Sandpaper - In various grades, can be good for road surfaces, depending on grade and scale of model, as well as it's more obvious use.
Saws - Both woodworking and metal cutting.
Scissors - For their obvious uses.
Screwdrivers - You will need at least a couple, preferable with exchangeable bits, also very small ones for the more delicate jobs.
Set Square - Obvious uses for baseboard building and squaring up anything from platform edges to building sides.
Spirit level - Essential for baseboard and track laying.
Soldering iron - I can't really give advice here as I use a soldering gun but I can say that you need a lot of heat as quick as you can get it. Don't forget the damp sponge to clean the tip with.
Steel straight edge - Essential when using sharp blades.
Steel scriber - For scribing plaster or card work.
Toilet roll - Wiping your paintbrush, the plain kind also makes good window curtains or frosted glass.
Track Cutter - Xuron - I have no experience of this tool but it has an excellent reputation and if you have to do much track cutting could prove a good investment.
Wire Strippers - Some people never use them while others wouldn't be without.


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