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Making Bushes For Your Layout - Trees, Bushes & Hedges - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Thu Apr 10th, 2008 09:12 am
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This is how I've been making my shrubs.
I start with a very simple twisted copper wire frame. You could use fine galvanised tie wire, but the copper tarnishes nicely, so it doesn't look as bad if you miss a bit with the paintbrush.
For shrubs I like to have more than one trunk, so I often bend the wire 'cable' double, then unravel both ends. I don't bend it on the halfway mark because I want uneven heights to the two trunks. I use pliers to pinch it tight at the 'vee', and then it'll be easy to plug it into the landscape.
Here's a pic of the early stages.

DAS clay has been applied and glued, but only where the trunk will perhaps be visible. Pre-painted coconut fibres [hanging basket liner] on hand. The frame has been cut back to a height of 60mm, or 15 ft in OO scale, a bit more in HO. It'll gain some height with foliage, and lose some when plugged in.

Next photo shows a clump of fibre glued in, and more ready to go. Sometimes I twist them tight at one end, as shown here, and it makes for good twig clumps, but that's more important in a specimen tree where the branches will be on show. This one will be a pretty dense shrub, so it doesn't matter really. For smaller shrubs you can do away with the wire and just base them on twisted fibres - quick and easy.

Here's how it ends up - just a tangle of branches. You can cut away any annoying loops in the fibres.

Depending on how it looks with the foliage, I might snip back some of the wires yet.

Next step will be to paint it, but I have to wait for it to dry.

This morning I finished the shrub.
To start with I cut away any noticeable loops in the fibres, and then teased it all out to a more pleasing shape. There's so much full-strength PVA glue on it that it can take some pretty rough handling, and those fibres are tough!
Then I half-heartedly painted the trunks and branches with a drab grey made from black, red and white. I didn't bother covering it all. Probably not much will be visible anyway.

Next step is the foliage - in this case Woodland Scenics medium green foliage mat [ #F52] I always test for fit and appearance before gluing the pieces on.

At last it's looking less like something the cat coughed up

More foliage added- just about done.

Viewed from above:

I keep poking and prodding it as I go to improve the shape.

To finish it off, I randomly dabbed on some glue, then dipped the shrub into some Woodland Scenics coarse turf - burnt grass colour [#T62] That helped make the foliage look a bit older. I also dabbed on some minute touches of orange paint [red oxide + yellow = a fairly tame orange] to hopefully simulate some faint autumn colour.

Finally a view of it planted on the diorama. [taken with my Olympus] The other photos were taken indoors with my daughter's Fuji and their colour isn't great.


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 Posted: Thu Apr 10th, 2008 05:55 pm
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My photos:
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Thanks for making the duplicate thread here as requested, Mike.

I'm going to lock this thread to preserve its "how to" content. Any discussion and / or questions can be posted in the original post which can be found in Mike's diorama project.

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