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Wulan Unterwald - Narrow Gauge. - Other Areas. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Mon Jul 8th, 2019 10:21 am
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Hello to our fellow modellers.

This layout is called Wulan Unterwald, which is a name made up by my friend John Andrews who actually owns this little layout, it's a play on words from my Rabbit layout, Burrowby Underhill  that I tried and failed to resurrect when bringing it out of its eight years of storage storage, in a rush to attend the East Midlands Narrow Gauge Exhibition at the Portland College, Mansfield this coming Saturday the 13th July.
This has been chronicled under the thread "Burrowby Underhill", elsewhere.

John kindly offered to loan me one of his little layouts to save me having to give back word to the show organisers.
My brief was to freshen it up, and check my rolling stock ran ok on it.
The freshening up, and the laying of ballast to the more or less un-ballasted track, was a simple operation, but me being me, I had to complicate things by attempting to replace the fingerpoken operating of the seven points, into more technical wire in tube operation, and never having used that method before, I failed.

Mark two attempt at remote operation was to be point motors, but on a ready built and sceniced layout, I had to give up that attempt as well due to lack of time.

So we are back to manual operation in the Mk three version, and at the moment, that seems to be working, but Saturday will tell whether I have been successful.

Johns layout was built originally as a test layout for his HOe equipment, which he sceniced to add interest, its very simple but functional, well it was until I got my hands on it, but the number of things that went wrong during my loan tenure you wouldn't believe, culminating in my Gaugemaster control, amongst other mishaps, packing up.

Luckily, the control packing up was the least of my worries, as I have a power system that I could use as a backup, I will be returning the controller back to Gauge master as their life time guarantee allows when the dust settles. 
I am going to post some pictures below, with any description I think might be helpful.

The complete layout over view.

The concept is a European Spa, served by its own station

The buildings are all HO 3.5mm/ft, although two of the figures that I have placed appear as giants being OO, but John in his inimitable style, has an amusing  explanationThe Station has goods facilities, and a ready supply of barrelled Lager looking at the good shed loading bay, the little Church on the hill.covers any unforeseen drownings.

The pool itself has fresh air changing facilities, and sprung diving board.

The station location has an engine stabling facility.

My second attempt at operating the points was to be using Seep point motors, and this second control panel was built, with the intention that DPC Over toggle switches were to operate the point motors, but time constrains made me abandon that attempt.

This picture shows the current state of the underside of the base board, the white cabling is the multi-core cable from the control panel to each point motor position, still in place, and the black nylon tubing ghat I have again re-installed to operate certain points at the front of the layout, the three rear points being operated by the pingerpoken method. but again slightly modified.
One point uses a slide switch, because the dead frog point was not cooperating and passing on the power through the point switch blades, and required the slide switch to move the point tie bar, and wiring to select the appropriate track, the second modification was to the second rear off scene point which had lost its over-centre switch, and had to be held over to use the point switch blades to pass the current through to the appropriate track, so I made an operating lever.                        
This was a simple lever to do the task, but no picture I'm afraid as the technology involved is awaiting the patent office's approval. 


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