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3,5 mm H0 Scale Module Project - Small Layouts,Planks and Micros - Model Railway Layouts. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Sat May 18th, 2019 08:30 am
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Hi All,

a few friends of mine and me are starting a modular layout project in 3,5 mm H0 scale.

All of us are model railway enthusiasts from all over the country of germany but we modelling mostly alone for ourself. 

We are all members in a german language model railway forum under my leadership as site owner.

Some of our menbers had the Idea to start a together model railway project but not to build specific modules what only could be used on yearly meetings. 

The Idea was to use modules or planks of own favourited projects what could be clamped together into one bigger project. 

Anyone can model like she/he want to do it, we all dislike too many rules, so we set up a few minimum rules.

Track Clearences:
Using the NMRA 3,5 mm H0 Classic Track Scale. 4 mm 00 Scale vehicles running there without problems.

Minimum Radius:
The minimum radius of curves is 600 mm.

Allowed Tracks:
All tracks allowed onto which can be used modern NEM DC Wheelsets.
Code 100 = 2,5 mm 
Code 83 = 2,1 mm
Code 80 = 2,03 mm
Code 75 = 1,9 mm

Allowed Epoches:
All Epoches are allowed, from the early beginning up to the present.

Center of Track:
The center of the tracks is 150 mm from the back or front side. 
Using double or more tracks, the union track need to be layed with its track center 150 mm from back or front side.

4 electric wires with copper cable of 1,5 mm diameter for the bus wire.
Red (+)
Blue (-)
2 x Black
4 mm wire connectors


Me I use Peco Code 75 Tracks mostly, turnouts and crossings with electrofrogs only.

All my 3,5 mm H0 standard gauge vehicles have mostly NMRA RP25 wheels

This small countryside station is my first project. It will be built onto two planks of 900 mm x 40 mm. 

Take a ride on G.W.&.A.R.R.
Best regards,
Yours Ingo
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