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Quite accidentally I came across the Maun Industries site today, and as these pliers are still available thought I would recommend them to you.

I've had my 6" pair since the 80s, originally designed and made for cutting bed spring material and piano wire, they make very short work of cutting track, as good if not better than Xuron cutters, plus they are so useful for holding thin material to bend at right angles, and one jaw has a longitudinal groove that lets you hold wire etc to push it through holes and so on.

The more observant amongst you will see that they have passed through the hands of the Royal Birdfootprint Co. Ltd. before I found them in a junk shop! You may also be lucky, and save a good proportion of the 28 SLW tokens they now cost.....


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They look useful !   Will keep my eye out for a pair, thanks Doug



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