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CONTRIBUTING TO HINTS AND TIPS... THE FOLLOW ON ... PLEASE READ - Hints & Tips - Reference Area. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Fri Dec 4th, 2015 09:47 pm
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Over a number of years, I have been reading hints and tips and editing them after my contacting the author where possible  and getting permission. In some cases the hints have been sent to me and a few are my own. I then collate them in order or  least a logical one where there are similarities or alternative methods for the same end results. The Hints and Tips here are a follow on from those in published 3 times per week and a cursory check will reveal YMR members are about 600 H&T's in front and I have approximately 120 more at time of writing. 

A few times for those of you newer to the YMR site have thought to add to the hints without realising the procedure. Your contributions to the Hints and Tips are always welcome but please do the following...
A,  Write it down and

B.  send it to me directly in this case through the YMR messages system or my private email ( ). I would like your name and surname as I don't think that Funky Cat or whatever your handle on this site is would read well on YMR in a few years time! In fact Phil does not allow pseudonyms.

C Please DO NOT ADD A COMMENT!!!! I am not being precious but if you have something to add, even if you think the Hint is not correct, totally wrong or preferably adding support and you know a better way,   please follow steps A and B. Those who have been through the process would agree (at least I hope they would) that I have taken their concerns into account and broadcast it where necessary.   No offence will be taken - in   fact it will be appreciated that the hint is read, thought about and debated!

I am quite happy to edit what you write to fill it within a satisfactory word picture. If I need clarification about a term you use or a fuller description, I will clarify it with you.  If it is really relevant or different I may expedite it through the system  and the moderators have been very patient with me when I have goofed or a link no longer works etc Doing this for YMR gives me the flexibility and I have tried to encourage inside contributions trying to be fair to some people who have waited to see themselves in print... sadly  I  have had contributors pass before seeing themselves in print...

Thank You for reading this,


Trevor (xdford)

NCE DCC ; 00 scale UK outline.
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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Reference Area. > Hints & Tips > CONTRIBUTING TO HINTS AND TIPS... THE FOLLOW ON ... PLEASE READ
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