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If you are new to railway modelling, our aim is to help you get started. No question is considered too basic to ask as we fully realise just how daunting some of this stuff can be to the beginner, and help will be freely given at all times.

For the experienced modeler we have many members who will appreciate your skills and knowledge about the hobby, and any contributions you can make to our discussions will be greatly valued.

Whatever your level of modelling experience we are sure you will find something here to further your enjoyment of this fine hobby, and we look forward to having you as a member of YMRC.

We look forward to welcoming you to YMRC. We hope you enjoy your visit here today, and whatever you do enjoy your modelling.

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Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Announcements.
Please read these messages when joining the club.
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No new posts The YMR Club Rules.
These rules apply to all members, new and established.
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No new posts A New Journey
An introduction to our hobby from our founder Bob Heath.
1 9
No new posts Welcome to all new members
A warm welcome to all new members and thank you for joining YMR. If you would like to say a few introductory words about yourself, you are welcome to post them here. The members will then be able to welcome you properly.
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No new posts Snagging list
Just what it says on the tin
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Toggle forum grouping visibility The Waiting Room

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Forum use, Questions, Problems, Suggestions
Don't know how something works ? Ask here. Ideas and Suggestions for the site ? Post them here
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No new posts Model Railway Questions & Discussion.
Anything model railway related that doesn't fit easily into any of the more specific sections below
926 15k
No new posts General Discussion Area
Anything that doesn't  naturally  fit in one of the other chat areas. If your not sure, post it here and we can always move it
25 171
No new posts Ask A Techie, computing, mobiles, broadband, security, etc
Questions And Recommendations about technology  NOT related to modelling  or  Using the Forum.
38 788
No new posts The Shunters Return
This is the place to air your views, your likes, dislikes, holidays, health, wealth, Happiness, Obituaries, or anything  else  going on in your life
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No new posts Hints & Tips
Not as mundane as it's title may suggest. This section will build into a major resource for us from forum member Trevor. Comments elsewhere please.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility Model Railway Layouts.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Bob's Barchester
The writings of our founder, the late Bob Heath. Restored from his own original web site about his Barchester model railway. A goldmine of useful modelling information and links.
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No new posts Members Personal Layouts.
Here's your chance to have a thread of your own dealing with the progress, or otherwise, of your layout.
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No new posts Small Layouts,Planks and Micros
A dedicated place for this popular aspect of the hobby.
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No new posts Narrow Gauge.
This section covers narrow gauge model railways in all their combinations of scale and gauge.
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No new posts Trams.
All things trams. Old, new, any scale and any geographical location.
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No new posts Members Ideas For Layouts.
Any ideas, thoughts, plans or sketches on layouts you would like to build or that you think might be interesting, either to build or operate. Branch, mainline, waterfront, logging, anything.
64 1k
No new posts Your Favourite On-Line Layout.
Give us a link to your favourite on-line layout so that we can all enjoy what pleases you.
34 224
No new posts Other On-Line Layouts.
Here you will find links to many on-line layouts. All scales and gauges.
87 415
No new posts Model Railway Shows.
Look in here for photographs and comments on the shows that members have been to. Post your own pictures and comments.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility Model Railway Electrics, Electronics and Computer Control All things Electrical

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Electrics - DC
This is the section for what is, at the moment, the most widely used system for powering your model railway.    
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No new posts Electrics - DCC
DCC - Digital Command Control, the newest and most sophisticated method of operating your trains.    
531 7k
No new posts DCC - Tutorials
This section covers tutorials from members which DCC enthusiasts may find helpful.
35 462
No new posts DCC - Sound
This section tries to keep the subject of adding sound as simple as possible.
118 1k
No new posts Signals (Electronic control)
Electrically controlling your signals
14 145
No new posts 3D Printing
A new area for anything to do with 3D printing.
8 68
No new posts RR & Co
Railroad and Co model railway computer control software.
118 3k
No new posts RR & Co Tutorial and FAQs
Hopefully this forum will clarify and index a lot of the information that is currently available.
29 36
No new posts Model Railway Software.
In here you will find software that is directly related to model railways.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility Getting You Started.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Baseboards.
The starting place in construction and the base upon which all else depends. Get it right first time wherever you are housing your model railway.
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No new posts Layout Design, Trackwork & Operation.
Not sure if your design is going to work? Need help with the finishing touches? Trackwork causing no end of trouble? Post here and let's help you out. Operations also here.
482 8k
No new posts The Lineside.
This is for all those structures and other bits and pieces that make up the railway picture. Buildings, signals, bridges, tunnels, walling, ballasting, fencing, cars, trucks, figures etc. If you are scratchbuilding any of these items then please post under "Scratchbuilding"
192 2k
No new posts Coupling Up
Kadee, tension lock, magnetic, all things To do with Couplings
0 0 (No posts yet)
No new posts Figures
Improving & painting them.
37 666
No new posts Signals (Manual Control)
Signals & signalling.
23 182
No new posts Scenery
Need help with the construction of the miniature world that your railway is going to live in? You just have to ask.
68 645
No new posts Grass & Ground Cover
The many different ways of achieving the effect you want.
36 456
No new posts Trees, Bushes & Hedges
Some amazing examples here of what you can do.
41 478
No new posts Backscenes
Paint your own or use photographs, it's all here.
28 678
No new posts The Landscape
Rocks, water, terrain.
30 732
No new posts Weathering
This section covers the weathering of rolling stock, road vehicles and buildings.
130 2k
No new posts Hints, Tips & Smaller Projects.
Here for all those smaller things that can add so much with little effort or expense. New uses for old products, labour or money saving ideas.
256 2k
No new posts Buildings
All types of building.
171 2k
No new posts Transport
About lineside roads and vehicles, canals, harbours, boats.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility More Practical Help

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Scratchbuilding.
This is where we can post on our scratchbuilding projects. Please give as full a description as you can with photographs if possible. Include materials and techniques used as this will be of great help to others who may wish to attempt the same job. The project can be anything to do with our layouts, buildings, scenery, line side equipment, electrical projects, anything.
470 12k
No new posts Kit Bashing
Totally different from Scratchbuilding but it is also very popular among modellers. As in scratchbuilding let's have as much information as possible, and the pictures of course.
146 3k
No new posts Members Projects
Projects, large and small, that members are sharing with us.
218 6k
No new posts Members monthly projects
A place where members can show their work in response to the monthly project
54 1k
No new posts On Members Workbenches.
See what members are currently working on.
260 8k
No new posts Metcalfe Building Kits.
I have given this manufacturer a section of it's own both because it's products have played a large part in the building of Barchester and because I think it is the best manufacturer of card kits on the market.
62 821
No new posts Scalescenes Building Kits.
Scalescenes make excellent kits and several of our members are using them, hence this section, which complements the Metcalfe section above.
103 2k
No new posts Everything Bachmann.
Anything at all to do with Bachmann, it's rolling stock, price, performance, appearance, problems, spares. All here
207 2k
No new posts Everything Hornby.
Anything at all to do with Hornby, it's rolling stock, price, performance, appearance, problems, spares. All here.
242 2k
No new posts All Other RTR Locomotive & Rolling Stock Makers.
Post here on all other manufacturers of locomotives and rolling stock. British, USA or continental. RTR - Ready To Run.
239 2k
No new posts Materials & Tools.
Everything you need to add the details to your model railway. Household items, tools, goos, gunks and links to online suppliers etc.
289 2k
No new posts Books & Magazines.
Here's the place to talk about your favourite model railway books and magazines.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility Other Areas.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Alan's Jigsaw of the week
An Archive of Alan's  Computer  generated Jigsaws for you to download and solve
673 2k
No new posts Polls.
All polls go here. Check regularly to see what the latest poll is all about.
40 1k
No new posts Model Railway Photography.
Anything and everything to do with photographing your models, including Header photographs. Software posts go in the Photography Software section.
56 840
No new posts Model Railway On-Line Shopping.
Links to on-line stores and services that have commended themselves to members either through the stock they carry or the service offered.
106 912
No new posts Model Railway Videos
This is the place for any videos you have of models in action.
68 409
No new posts Photography Software.
Got a favourite bit of software that you find indispensible for your photography. This includes all graphics programs. Tell us all about it here with a link.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility The Prototype.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Prototype Information.
Here you will find links to information on different eras, locomotives, signalling, track layouts, rolling stock, railway companies etc.
383 3k
No new posts Heritage Railways
An area solely dedicated to heritage railways and preserved lines. A place for photos, trackplans, timetables etc.
56 357
No new posts Members Prototype Photographs.
This is the place for club members own photographs of the prototype. As in the section above any prototypical subject matter is covered.
348 2k
No new posts Prototype Videos
All your prototype videos go here.
112 686
No new posts Old Rights Of Way, Railway & Model Railway History
Click here for historical facts, research, photographs and drawings. Please don't be tempted to copy and paste copywrite material as I will only have to delete it.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility The Prototype Photograph Archive.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Buildings.
Railway, industrial, commercial and residential.
1 1
No new posts Domestic Buildings.
Houses, shops, civic etc.
64 163
No new posts Commercial Buildings.
Factories, mills, warehouses etc.
50 164
No new posts Stations - Town & Rural
Large and small stations, all here.
90 321
No new posts Platforms & Fittings.
Awnings, name boards, barrows, etc.
30 38
No new posts Goods & Engine Sheds.
Any of the UK rail companies.
26 87
No new posts Signal Boxes & Cabins.
All signal boxes & cabins, any UK line.
31 42
No new posts Farms And Dairies.
Plus outbuildings, stock quarters.
9 12
No new posts External Machinery.
Lifts, conveyors, pumps cranes etc.
5 26
No new posts Stone & Brickwork.
Construction, types, bonds, colours etc.
17 26
No new posts Ancillary Buildings.
Stores, sheds, machinery etc.
3 3
No new posts Roofs & Chimneys.
All designs and types of roof and chimney.
11 12
No new posts Gutters, Downpipes & Drains.
For any type of building.
1 2
No new posts Windows & Doors.
All types and ages.
10 33
No new posts Lighting Internal & External.
Walls, spots, safety, street, etc.
4 14
No new posts Colour In The Real World.
Prototype photographs of different surfaces and textures.
6 38
No new posts Lineside.
Track, staithes, cattle docks, bridges, walling, fencing, water, fuel
0 0 (No posts yet)
No new posts Signals & Signalling.
UK signals and the operation thereof.
25 54
No new posts Track.
Anything and everything to do with track.
18 101
No new posts Lineside Equipment.
Railway items found along the lineside.
35 83
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  • In Turntable
  • By toto
No new posts Bridges, Tunnels & Roads
Road bridges too, crossing railway lines.
38 103
No new posts Walls & Fencing.
All types alongside the railway.
5 5
No new posts Road & Water Transport.
Cars, trucks, boats, buses, etc.
33 214
No new posts Rolling Stock. - UK
Locomotives, coaches, vans & wagons.
1 11
No new posts Locomotives - Steam
UK steam locos. Any era, company.
93 276
No new posts Locomotives - Diesel
UK diesel locos. Any era, company.
30 88
No new posts Locomotives - Electric
UK electric locos. Any era, company.
11 35
No new posts Locomotives - Diesel Electric
All types, all companies.
7 11
No new posts Coaches
All types and companies.
14 57
No new posts Vans
All types and companies.
24 37
No new posts Wagons
All types and companies.
14 32
No new posts Rolling Stock - Europe & Australia.
Locomotives, coaches, vans and wagons.
14 26
No new posts Rolling Stock - USA, Canada & Far East.
Locomotives, coaches, vans and wagons
7 7
No new posts Scenery.
Trees, grass, water, cliffs, etc
22 37
No new posts Weathering.
Transport - All Types - Road & Rail.
14 22

Toggle forum grouping visibility Reference AreaGlossary, Equipment & Materials Suppliers,Books & Magazines etc.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Glossary
An index of model and prototype railway terms.
15 15
No new posts Equipment, Materials & Suppliers Index
An alphabetical index of model railway equipment, tools, all kinds of materials, and their suppliers.
21 21

Toggle forum grouping visibility Off Topic.

Forum name Topics Posts Last post
No new posts Mainly For Men - Prostate Cancer.
Nothing whatsoever to do with model railways but because of what has happened to me over the last five years I think it is vitally important for all men and their families to have as much information as possible on this subject. Read it or not, it's up to you but I would ask all members to refrain from mentioning the subject elsewhere in the club. If you should have comments then please make them here.
12 329
No new posts Sales, Wants & Swaps.
Buy or sell those unwanted bits and pieces. Had to buy too many of an item, swap or exchange here.
168 964
No new posts Humour
Please use this forum the same as any other. New posts will not show up in the Recent Posts though, you will have to come here to the front page.
694 1k
No new posts Gardening, Pets & Other Hobbies.
I know many of our members are interested in gardening and also have some great pets, so here's a forum for them as well as other hobbies they may have.
156 2k
No new posts OLD Suggestions, Problems & Questions.
To be Archived, please use the new chat area above
549 8k
No new posts Old General Discussion
To be archived.  Please use new chat areas at top of forum
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