Barchester Diary 2009

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August 2009 Additions :

8th.  Max Fowler's Prototype photographic gallery.  British Rail Wagon Photographs, very comprehensive. Western Champions railway photographs. British Railways Locomotives from the last 30 years by Andy Williams.
10th. You will see on the front page that there is a notice about a big show that we are organising for next year and I hope to see many of our readers there. Please don't hesitate to say hello if you do manage to attend.
16th. BR 25kv Overhead Equipment, this site is for those interested in this area of modelling. For manufacturers of superior craftsmans kits try Western Scale Models.A full range of quality razor saws from Zona, suitable for all types of modelling. If you are interested in 7mm scale narrow gauge modelling then try this manufacturer, KBscale Models.
23rd. The Class 40 Preservation Society, formed in 1980 and is now the proud owner of two English Electric Type 4, Class 40 locomotives, D335 (40135) and D345 (40145). Model Rail DCC Controller, this is a Windows software program for all DCC enthusiasts who are interested in computer control. Ramsbottom Model Railway Club, added to Clubs and Society Page. Next there is the Ramsbottom Station & Surrounding Areas 00 gauge layout. Buckley Steam Railway, a preservation society which has saved this stretch of line.
28th. West Wales Wagon Works, primarily dealing with Welsh wagons his speciality is the production of limited-edition model railway wagons in both 00 and N scales. Railfots, railway photographs from 2004 to the present time. A Collection By The Chief, this Gallery contains a collection of railway photographs from the modern era. Darlington's Electric Tramway, for history of the line.

September 2009 Additions :

5th. First two links are to information on sector plates. The Dark Art Of The Sector Plate. Then, Layouts Using Sector Plates.         Airthrey Park, the story of a conventional 00 home layout that has ventured over three countries and 20,000 miles to finish up as an exhibition standard DCC layout.  Widness Road MK II, is a fine scale 4mm DCC exhibition layout set in the North-West in the mid 1980's.
11th. Illinois Street Buildings, some beautiful building downloads here, some simple stuff too.  Signs From The USA but some are suitable for the UK modeller. More Textures from 2 guys and sum trains. Free Containers,  downloads with English names.
22nd. Uncoupling, with Digital Command Control. Union Pacific "Double Diesel " locomotives, background information on these "double diesels". Scale Rulers in 0, Ho, N, H0n2 and H0n3, a valuable item for any modeller in these scales. General Standard Scales from the NMRA, well worth printing out.

October 2009 Additions :

1st. Railway Scenics, on-line shopping for model railways, scale models and brick papers. Prototype Ancillary Structures, things and buildings that make good models for your layout that you might like to have a go at. Prototype Industrial Buildings, again much to help the modeller. Hints and Tips from Model Railway Express Mag. Prototype Industrial Offline Terminal Railroads, of  Brooklyn, Queens, Statten Island, Bronx and Manhattan.
15th. Sorry about the delay in updating Barchester but I have been away on holiday. Anyway, here we go again and this time all but one of the new links are about signs. First item is about Multimeters and how to use them. Very clear instructions for this handy tool. Next is Tin Signs, all descriptions, from the USA. Then the Cletus Waldman Collection of signs, also USA. Red Horse Signmakers making quality custom vintage USA signs. Old West Signs and custom sign reproductions. Finally we have even more tin signs from Desperate.Com
21st. Wood End is an end to end narrow gauge railway in 4mm scale on 9mm gauge. (009). Klondike Mines Railway is another narrow gauge layout in H0n3. This next one you will have to buy from Scalescenes but it's worth every penny at £2.99, Station Signs & Poster Boards.
The Grassinator : An on-line article on how to make a static grass applicator for yourself, from Ztrains.
25th. Today I have added a picture to the front page which is going to be raffled as part of the big exhibition we are putting on next year, see front page for details. It is an original work and more details will follow.
26th. As promised yesterday I have added details of the painting and the artist on the front page.

December 2009 Additions :

2nd. Make "ersatz" Ground Signals for your layout, this is an easy one and will look effective. Construct a Single Light Signal complete with a list of components you will need, not expensive.  This is a 00 gauge layout of North London in the 1970's and early 80's, South Oak Road. A Model Master technical guide on Painting Figures. If you need a model railway drive system for one of your projects then this place classes itself as the largest supplier in the world, Hollywood Foundries.
5th. DCC Uncoupling, another method to achieve this. DG Coupling Guide, a nice article from the Minimum Gauge forum. If you are in to making your own track then this is worth looking at, Hand Laid Track Made Easy.