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Photographic Collection of Track & Ballast

Over the last few weeks there has been some great photos of track and ballast, or the way the track has been ballasted or re-ballasted.

It would be great to collate all these pics into one sub heading, perhaps 'Ballast', in the Sub Forums under Track. I'm sure with the rercent increase of track and ballast photos lately, this could/would be welcoming and become a wealth of inspiration for modellers to use as a reference.

So, if you would like to add your pics, please do. 

These pics below are from the southern and western parts of NSW. I'm sure the principle behind ballasting is the same or similar, whatever part of the world you are in.

^ Rail siding meets a very simplistic crossing.

Above and below. Ash from the steam locos deposited along the track. I'd say the pic below is from after they have dropped the fire.

^ Safe place to keep the fire irons… :roll:

^ An unused section of a siding. Has been a long time since a train graced these lines. The ballst is almost pebble in size.

^ Siding meets the main line. Much of the siding is now buried with a mix of small ballast and soil. The timber sleepers are just visible, whereas the main lines have a good shoulder of ballast and concrete sleepers.

^ An old passing loop with very little ballast compared to the heavily ballasted mainline.

^ Steel sleepers and reasonably clean ballast.

Above and below. The many colours of ballast in a very short section of western mainline.

Cheers, Gary.

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Hi Gary,

Has my support. I'd include ballasting techniques (for the modeler) as well. It would be nice to have a comprehensive reference of prototype ballast, yard, shed, branch, main line, preservation. Nothing like a photograph to help the modeling.


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