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I am going to install signals on Highbridge. I don't have a clue what would be required.

If anyone could take a swatch at the layout and give me some ideas, I would appreciate it.

I have ( rightly or wrongly ) sent away for four sets of two aspect ground level signals ( green / red ) I will be running my points on Cobalts and will integrate the wiring into the cobalt which will be operated by DCC through a switch 8.

It does not need to be exactly prototypical but something believeable. The two short sidings are wagon storage sidings and the longer siding is a goods delivery siding. The incoming loco may go in head first with a resident shunter taking the wagons from him to clear the route for the incoming loco to leave again.

Any ideas would be good


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I was at one stage going to install a 'starter' signal on Linden Ford, but as John Dew pointed out, it is the end of a branchline and would be controlled by a 'staff' from the next station up the line. Now with Highbridge Sidings, it would fall pretty much into the same catergory as it is a siding, which is not connected to a mainline.

Here is a link to Littleworth Sidings, which is a branchline siding and not a signal in sight ! 

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Cheers, Gary.
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