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The Flying Scotsman Centenary Programme is here:-

Flying Scotsman centenary programme | National Railway Museum

and there are a number of excursions, the first one being today to Cardiff.

Searching YouTube there are a number of videos showing the train along the route, some random examples of which are below.

The Flying Scotsman heritage train leaves London Paddington on its journey to Cardiff in Wales - YouTube

60103 Flying Scotsman on The Cardiff Express Departure Reading for Cardiff Central Caerdydd Canolog - YouTube

60103 'Flying Scotsman' Powers Through Patchway On The Cardiff Express 07/06/23 - YouTube

West Coast Class 47 47802 and 60103 Flying Scotsman Heading into Cardiff from London Paddington - YouTube

What I want to know is, where on the route near Cardiff did they manage to turn the whole train around so that the class 47 actually brings the train into Cardiff.



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