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A bit of a long shot here although I know one or two members have one of these gadgets.

I'm trying to update my Zimo MXULFA decoder programmer - the latest software version is, apparently, 0.84.48. 

Mine is still running on version 0.82.33 which dates from July 2020 !!

Zimo are well known for their instructions being duo-lingual - but alternating between the 2 as and when it suits !!  I do wish they'd write an English version as well as the German one rather than mixing them up.

However, my problem is downloading their latest update and getting the MXULFA to read it.

I've downloaded it onto a flash drive (at least, I think I have) then I'm told to unzip it all then start the programme "Zimo Installer .exe" in the folder "Installer" and select "install driver".  So far, so good.

Next, I think I copied everything to a new flash drive which did absolutely nothing when plugged into the MXULFA.  It appears the device is asking for a ".ulf" file which isn't there.

I do have the original Zimo flash drive which arrived with the machine but am loath to use that in case I bu##er everything up on there.

Anyone got any idea where I'm going wrong please ?


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Hi Peter,

You may have sorted yourself out by now, but I’ve just seen your post, so here go’s.

You’ve downloaded the update so open it and you can pick your language. Click on English and choose  MXULF.ulf. Load it onto a thumb drive formatted to Fat32 and put it into your MXULFA before turning it on. Turn on and long press on the button nearest the wheel. You should then be able to find the .ulf file with the wheel if there are other things on there. Press the update button and you should then get the update.

Ps: I sent you a pm a few days ago re problem with: uploading pic’s.

Cheers Pete.
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