Prototype Information.

Here you will find links to information on different eras, locomotives, signalling, track layouts, rolling stock, railway companies etc.

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Old lines and railway companies
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Can you get them in model form.
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East Coast Railways info,
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The Nation's Railway: The Golden Age of British Rail
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Yarmouth and area GE railway photos and info
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Mainlines,Coal traffic and branches etc.
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Brake vans
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The use of Horses on the Railways
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Double deckers, auto train operation, 125MPH etc
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Pics of the station
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Gunnislake End of the Line Buffer Stop.
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Photos of the original 1930's drawings
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I hope not!!
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Stations, Tunnels, Arches, Viaducts, Buildings, Tram ways, etc, etc...
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Very useful database for research purposes.
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Showing historical phots of loco,s and shed,s link.
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