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Preview 2906 SRman 990 367k N/A
Preview 21714
Backdating an SDP45 Burlington Northern SD
BCDR 2 108 N/A
Preview 14458 Dorsetmike 3 956 N/A
Preview 14218
The small one-off jobs behind the scenes
Colin W 69 15k N/A
Preview 14390
On30 narrow gauge set in the Appalachian Plateau circa 1912
BCDR 10 2k N/A
Preview 14132
And how I improved it.
peterm 15 4k N/A
Preview 12558 Barry Miltenburg 15 6k N/A
Preview 14087 dpippet 3 1k N/A
Preview 13818
Building/re-buiding a pair of Langley N gauge loco kits
georgejacksongenius 2 1k N/A
Preview 11578 ZeldaTheSwordsman 184 86k N/A
Preview 13861
EM conversion (not!)
BCDR 10 4k N/A
Preview 13866
Comet Chassis, convert to Fowler type & super-detailing the Hornby Railroad body
IanLMS 21 7k N/A
Preview 13870
Light and portable kit construction
BCDR 7 2k N/A
Preview 13872 Dorsetmike 5 2k N/A
Preview 13868
Bodgem & Hackit strike again
Dorsetmike 4 2k N/A
Preview 13824
Diagram Q
BCDR 11 4k N/A
Preview 13490
Messing around with a Keyser kit
BCDR 17 8k N/A
Preview 13750
Swindonized by the GWR
BCDR 3 2k N/A
Preview 13704
Puzzle solved - Now on to building a new power train
Colin W 13 4k N/A
Preview 13657
repairs and such
Phat Controller 5 2k N/A
Preview 12073
Models I make using 3D printing
81F 43 23k N/A
Preview 13449 Grandad 12 4k N/A
Preview 13425
First Gauge 0 Loco!
Simonflj55 8 4k N/A
Preview 13239
Building a coach from connoisseur kit in 7mm
Harbottle 32 11k N/A
Preview 13224
Flickering tail lamp on brake van
Passed Driver 8 3k N/A
Preview 13139
Building the SE Finecast LMS 4F - Brass/Whitemetal
IanLMS 9 5k N/A
Preview 13173
Triang. Clerestory Conversion
Passed Driver 20 6k N/A
Preview 13073
Progress on building first ever loco kit
IanLMS 18 8k N/A
Preview 12204
Modified to screen the storage yard at Granby
John Dew 47 24k N/A
Preview 13070
Adapting an old coach to become a Bogie B Passenger Brake?
Passed Driver 5 3k N/A