Narrow Gauge.

This section covers narrow gauge model railways in all their combinations of scale and gauge.

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Preview 14391
A narrow gauge railway between the mines, the sawmill and the explosives factory
Claus Ellef 72 9k N/A
Preview 14403 Claus Ellef 4 797 N/A
Preview 14235
Dabbling in Canadian narrow gauge
BCDR 9 3k N/A
Preview 14169
The early beginnings of a new portable show layout
Gwiwer 2 1k N/A
Preview 13368
More dabbling in different scales/gauges
Ed 61 23k N/A
Preview 13665
Shorty Chassis
Greenfingers 11 3k N/A
Preview 13613 Ed 1 1k N/A
Preview 13316
Now what do I do
Ed 14 5k N/A
Preview 13558 Blueberry 7 3k N/A
Preview 13545 Ed 2 2k N/A
Preview 13524
009 HOe roundy roundy layout.
gtmspyder 1 1k N/A
Preview 13494 gtmspyder 18 8k N/A
Preview 13361
A new circular layout by the creator of Glen Ogle in 009.
gtmspyder 105 29k N/A
Preview 11887
confusion over locos
Yelrow 7 4k N/A
Preview 13461 Atlanta 2 2k N/A
Preview 12742
Dabbling in a larger (for me) scale
Ed 71 40k N/A
Preview 13400
A bit of scratch building
Steamup56 2 2k N/A
Preview 13369 Padster 11 4k N/A
Preview 13359 Padster 4 2k N/A
Preview 13151
009 just for fun for my daughter
jimmy styles 32 11k N/A
Preview 13196 Steamup56 2 2k N/A
Preview 13189 Steamup56 4 2k N/A
Preview 12942
Talyllyn Railway plus a few others
ZeldaTheSwordsman 3 2k N/A
Preview 12537
Locomotives Saved, Great West, LMS, LNER, SOUTHERN.
Noviceman 2 2k N/A
Preview 12536
Four Steel Work, s from 17th century to 19th century, All Closed.
Noviceman 3 2k N/A
Preview 12529
Main Line service Pant Halt Glamorganshire To Breconshire Cosed 1964.
Noviceman 1 2k N/A
Preview 11243
Dipping a toe in the NG pond
Chubber 138 56k N/A
Preview 9609 RoyP 30 22k N/A
Preview 11084 mckinnell 150 61k N/A
Preview 11878 wahiba 3 3k N/A