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Here's your chance to have a thread of your own dealing with the progress, or otherwise, of your layout.

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Preview 13067 Stephen Humphreys 127 36k N/A
Preview 21735
00 gauge end to end
Diesel 9 249 N/A
Preview 7599 Phil.c 1k 1,113k N/A
Preview 572
Petermac's Railway
Petermac 1k 240k N/A
Preview 21787 Ed 63 2k N/A
Preview 13128
Somewhere SW of London. Somewhen before today
Gwiwer 944 246k N/A
Preview 7262
ScR steam in the 50's
Ben Alder 577 347k N/A
Preview 12430
Fictional Joint LMS/GWR layout set in the 1930s. N Gauge.
georgejacksongenius 78 16k N/A
Preview 21824
A small 00 Branch Line
Bob K 75 2k N/A
Preview 217 Marty 1k 837k N/A
Preview 11534
East Coast Main Line - in the sun
DaveH_Murcia 309 82k N/A
Preview 4808
5 times longer in coming than Brunel took making the real thing!
Kaiser 213 136k N/A
Preview 5483 Sol 308 115k N/A
Preview 11061
Freelance 00 layout
gdaysydney 258 74k N/A
Preview 5739
Progress (or otherwise) on Jeff's new layout
SRman 1k 338k N/A
Preview 13234
A GWR journey through the 1920s and 30s
Longchap 462 104k N/A
Preview 21777 72degrees 12 387 N/A
Preview 14005
OO Fictitious Layout depicting my boy hood memories of Warrington/Sankey circa1950 - 69
Andrewdonald 58 10k N/A
Preview 21751
based on the 1944 David Lean film
ModelRailwayQuest 4 282 N/A
Preview 14255 1867Adelphi 74 13k N/A
Preview 12054 Brossard 266 65k N/A
Preview 14265
Updated plans and now moving ahead
Colin W 127 20k N/A
Preview 21656
Umpteenth attempt at uploading.
peterm 35 1k N/A
Preview 11972
My second bash at model railway-ing
Dave C 219 77k N/A
Preview 14067
Layout blog
fourtytwo 113 20k N/A
Preview 3822
John Dew 3k 838k N/A
Preview 11343
Eastern Region themed mainline
Bob K 74 38k N/A
Preview 12532
Early construction of a simple 00 garage layout
TeaselBay 1k 255k N/A
Preview 2063 sparky 184 61k N/A
Preview 12046
OO gauge layout - 1930's LMS based in North West England
IanLMS 187 63k N/A