Kit Bashing

Totally different from Scratchbuilding but it is also very popular among modellers. As in scratchbuilding let's have as much information as possible, and the pictures of course.

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Preview 14236
I may have bit off more than I can chew
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Preview 14011
Wheels that are Spoked, three holes, or whatever?
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Preview 13989
I have tried both
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Preview 13563
Time on my hands?
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Preview 12826
Fun with a razor saw
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Preview 13933
Retro build!
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Preview 13549
Are any kits supplied with metal wheels
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Kit-Bashing an old kit.
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Preview 13405
Under scale?
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Preview 12162
Wagons built from Kits
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Preview 13299
The Ratio Grounded Van kit as given away by Railway Modeller – Made ungrounded!
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Preview 13278
Cut and shut Triang Clerestory
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Preview 13240
Gluing White Metal to Plastic
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Preview 13241
Adding a corridor to Triang Clerestory Coaches
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Preview 13079
C.D motors
cobach47 7 5k N/A
Preview 12986
from a JLTRT kit purchased 6mths before their demise.......
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Preview 12647
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Preview 12564
On30 - again
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Preview 12743
The resurrection of a long time inhabitant of the workbench
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