Hints, Tips & Smaller Projects.

Here for all those smaller things that can add so much with little effort or expense. New uses for old products, labour or money saving ideas.

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Preview 14524
Weather protection for your miniature wagon loads.
col.stephens 23 1k N/A
Preview 13502
My Trials on magnet placement for Kadee Couplers
Colin W 46 17k N/A
Preview 14220
As used in wire in tube point control
Dorsetmike 13 3k N/A
Preview 14179
Ready made rotating electrical connection
Barry Taylor 1 1k N/A
Preview 14170
Plastic ducting cassettes
Barry Taylor 15 4k N/A
Preview 14051 Chubber 4 2k N/A
Preview 14018
Being tight-fisted again...
Chubber 9 2k N/A
Preview 13889
Colour change .
johnmay 26 8k N/A
Preview 13820
Thoughts, Help and Ideas on this topic appreciated
Colin W 11 4k N/A
Preview 13844 Chubber 2 1k N/A
Preview 13836
Sad Times
thespanishdriver 26 7k N/A
Preview 13636
Useful tool, PECO ranting.
Chubber 7 5k N/A
Preview 13467
Inexpensive stuff you can find anywhere
Atlanta 4 2k N/A
Preview 12937
Keeping the passengers fed
Barry Miltenburg 11 5k N/A
Preview 13215 Chubber 3 2k N/A
Preview 13197 Steamup56 3 2k N/A
Preview 10896
Nuts, no bolts
BCDR 16 9k N/A
Preview 12245
Ethernet connectors
Chubber 25 12k N/A
Preview 13106
Convert an old wagon
thespanishdriver 7 3k N/A
Preview 13104
Save your static grass etc.
Headmaster 4 3k N/A
Preview 12699 Chubber 12 14k N/A
Preview 13092
Tabs sold once more in micro-corrugated box material
Chubber 4 3k N/A
Preview 12932
Peco PL 40 Bufferstop
Passed Driver 22 9k N/A
Preview 12851 Western Way 2 2k N/A
Preview 12734 Western Way 21 10k N/A
Preview 12718 allan downes 18 5k N/A
Preview 6076
How to make them
Perry 27 18k N/A
Preview 10926
an electrified wheel cleaner from bits and pieces...
16A 13 7k N/A
Preview 3175
[from the scrap box]
Chubber 20 10k N/A
Preview 12455
[and other water based glues]
Chubber 5 3k N/A