Gardening, Pets & Other Hobbies.

I know many of our members are interested in gardening and also have some great pets, so here's a forum for them as well as other hobbies they may have.

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Newish Russell Hobbs kettle
Passed Driver 5 1k N/A
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Will a DVD work in the same way?
Passed Driver 35 10k N/A
Preview 13413
I would like to connect to BBC Sounds on my iPad
Passed Driver 8 3k N/A
Preview 13402
Buying a fly swat in winter?
Passed Driver 5 2k N/A
Preview 13300
Chocolate brownies
Passed Driver 27 9k N/A
Preview 13345
Hot and refreshing and not a tea bag in sight
Passed Driver 14 4k N/A
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Preview 12819
The Rosette Nebula
g0ibi 4 3k N/A
Preview 12156
Railway Paintings
Rob Pulham 35 16k N/A
Preview 12528 Rob Pulham 1 2k N/A
Preview 12419
Flight Simulation
thespanishdriver 8 4k N/A
Preview 12407
Bedroom Wasp Nest
Passed Driver 21 8k N/A
Preview 12149
House removal
Passed Driver 20 7k N/A
Preview 11855
Folk dancing
Dorsetmike 3 3k N/A
Preview 11760
Tough being a frog.
Preview 11720 Chubber 6 3k N/A
Preview 11729
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW
Chiefnerd 1 2k N/A
Preview 11577
(I can't be the only lucky boy, surely?)
Chubber 10 5k N/A
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Preview 11308
g0ibi 13 5k N/A
Preview 11304
Pics from my recent 'time out'..
Gary 5 3k N/A
Preview 11244
Local show
g0ibi 19 7k N/A
Preview 11214
Big enough to beat someone with.......
Chubber 5 3k N/A
Preview 11183
This week 8-14th Aug
g0ibi 4 2k N/A
Preview 11090 Dorsetmike 6 4k N/A
Preview 11082
Venus and Jupiter
g0ibi 23 9k N/A