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Anything at all to do with Hornby, it's rolling stock, price, performance, appearance, problems, spares. All here.

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Comaparing the two
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At last, pre-order deliverance!
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Using Bachmann offerings as a replacement...
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Hornby Service Centre come to the rescue
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Heavy handed in removing bodyshell
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Terrier sound.
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What are your thoughts?
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Hattons' bargain price offers
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Are any of them similar to a particular diagram
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Removing bodyshell
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Are they to do with production date at all?
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Hornby doing the dirty on another trader?
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Cheap Loco pick ups
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Hornby idea of removing the weight from the boiler
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Non-destructive removal desirable
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Preview 12590
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“ Humpty Back “ Loco that worked in Kent
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Pre owned carriages
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Blood and Custard?
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I have read about the M7 overheating
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Quality control problems?
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M7 LSWR livery and which carriages
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