All types of building.

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Preview 270 Bob K 47 27k N/A
Preview 21755 ModelRailwayQuest 3 228 N/A
Preview 21754 ModelRailwayQuest 1 41 N/A
Preview 13504 Twobolt 20 10k N/A
Preview 14422
Adding new life to old classics
Bob K 5 1k N/A
Preview 14407
The building of the vintage Trix Trains cardboard Signal Box kit
Gordon Curtis 1 953 N/A
Preview 14401
The building of the vintage Trix Trains cardboard Goods Shed kit
Gordon Curtis 5 1k N/A
Preview 14368 gdaysydney 10 2k N/A
Preview 14348
The building of two Trix Trains long discontinued card kits
Gordon Curtis 7 2k N/A
Preview 14312
Building the Superquick Covered Footbridge
Gordon Curtis 8 2k N/A
Preview 14298
Building the classic Superquick Church kit
Gordon Curtis 3 1k N/A
Preview 14121
How did they work?
Headmaster 17 4k N/A
Preview 9008 emmess 21 8k N/A
Preview 14119
Question about a prototype
Headmaster 9 2k N/A
Preview 5616 Sol 17 7k N/A
Preview 13765
jelicoe 1914 10 4k N/A
Preview 13422 Sol 21 9k N/A
Preview 13479
Metcalfe Low Relief Half Timbered Shop Front
PVilly 6 3k N/A
Preview 12811
The build of the original Superquick kit
Gordon Curtis 13 7k N/A
Preview 13406
The building incorrectly of the original Superquick Goods Depot kit
Gordon Curtis 7 4k N/A
Preview 13258
Kit bashing the Invertrain Portesham Goods shed resin kit.
Twobolt 12 5k N/A
Preview 13323
Building the Superquick Market House
Gordon Curtis 13 6k N/A
Preview 13238
Kit bashing an Invertrain Models 7mm resin kit
Twobolt 15 8k N/A
Preview 13170 martin t 1 2k N/A
Preview 13002 Western Way 3 3k N/A
Preview 12809
Head frame
jelicoe 1914 4 4k N/A
Preview 12795 Western Way 9 4k N/A
Preview 12794
A build of the original Superquick kit
Gordon Curtis 8 5k N/A
Preview 12780
A build of a 40+ year old kit
Gordon Curtis 17 7k N/A
Preview 12146 Rob Pulham 12 7k N/A