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Interesting layouts

Hi All,

Saw these running on a 2-rail O scale (1:48) layout at the Timonium Model Train Show in Maryland (north west of Baltimore) today. Real fish, couldn't see the Doctor though. The operator said he was in the first class dining car eating lunch. Straight from the tank no doubt.

Next are 2 Time Savers, one in O scale, the other in On30. The O scale one is a faithful reproduction of John Allen's original Time Saver with DC control by the Baltimore Model Enigeer's Club. The On30 one is a demonstration layout for Berrett Hill touch screen switches that control the turnouts (and that turn from red to green or green to red). See http://www.berretthill.com/controls/ I have nothing to do with the company, it's just a great product. I am tempted…

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