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A 1980s BBC TV series available on line - Steam Therapy

While researching for my Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway mini-project I came across this excellent 1980s BBC Documentary series, of which the WC&PR was the 2nd topic.  The video is here:

The other topics covered were Lynton and Barnstable (Parts I and II)

and the WSR

FWIW the 4K video downloader is a useful tool to get you over the peak time bandwidth squeeze problem now that everyone's at home and on line! Should help break any isolation blues.


Edit: while not on topic, for those interested it is possible to find compilations by year of "Railway Roundabout" on Youtube. Individual 4 min Roundabout clips are there as well but the compilations are easier going. There's no Dougal!


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