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Cows & dogs

Last Thursday the postman delivered 6 cows and 2 staffies. I wanted the cows for my cattle dock but I got the dogs because we had to have our lovely staffy put to sleep a few weeks ago. I unashamedly cried about that as she was a rescue dog, by any other name. We took her off a couple that didn't want her anymore and she quickly became one of the family, as dogs do.

Anyway, I digress. The cows are superb. I'd looked on the web and saw some vaguely similar shaped things that were called cows, but then looked at ModelU.
All I have to do now is paint them. They even stand up on their own. How's that for quality. If I don't make too much of a mess of the paint job, I'll post a pic' or two.

Cheers Pete.
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