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Hi All.

Have you ever seen such hybride vehicles?

Photo taken at the Hamburg - Ohlsdorf S-Train Station. In directly Neighbourhood to the station is the S-Train Backshop, for shunting cars or complete trains in and out this hybride vehicle is used when the 3 rd rail 1200 V DC power is switched off.
It has power pickups to save the expensive Diesel fuel.
The used coupler is the Scharffenberg Coupler for automatic coupling.
An S-Train is like a subway but faster running than an underground or elevated subway.

A little joke in addition…
Ahead the Olsdorf Station is Europe's biggest Cemetery.
The Olsdorf Station is the Union Station of the Hamburg S-Train company of the state RR DB AG and the private Hamburger Hochbahn AG (Hamburg Elevated Subway Company).

Two subway stations away from Olsdorf at Alsterdorf I went out of the Subway in direction to Ohlsdorf and went to the platform exit. An old lady with flowers and her handbag in her hand asked me, how she will come in fastest way to the Ohlsdorf Cemetry during she looked behind the outmoving Subway to Ohlsdorf?
Me I answered that she will have two possibilities:
Well, grab onto third rail (800 V DC) and you will be there immidietly or await the next train in four minutes and move two stations with the Subway…she was very angry with me….why?

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