Old X04 motor wiring


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I've been playing with an old non-running Hornby Ivatt Class 2 loco - just for fun !

I took it all apart, including the X04 motor - cleaned and oiled everything and having eased a sticking valve gear and gummed up axle bearing - hey presto - everything now runs freely.

The motor seems sweet as a nut using a 9v battery across the terminals.

Now, during the service/repair, I snipped off the red wire from the capacitor to free the motor from the chassis but at some stage, the brown wire (from the pickups) broke off.

I know where the red wire has to be re-soldered but my question is, where does the brown wire go ?  I think originally, they both disappeared into a large insulating sleeve near the capacitor (similar to heat shrink but not thermoreactive).

Does the brown wire simply solder to the tab attached to the motor mounting screw or what ?

Maybe this photo explains ………………

Wires C2.JPG

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