The May/June 23 Railway Modeller Australia is here,,,


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The May/June 2023 Issue of Railway Modeller Australia is here and can be either read on line or downloaded from railwaymodelleraustralia

While it is nominally a free download  please consider contributing a small donation towards the expenses incurred towards collation of the magazine. This is a Not-For-Profit operation and all funds are used to cover costs in support of the Model Railway Hobby. There is now a paypal link on the front page.

Of course if you feel as if you have a story to tell, you do not have to be in Australia or an Australian. Feel free to contact with a few pictures and a bit of a story.  Every help will be given with a photo essay or story  format.  The email contact is in the magazine.

You can also use the email to request other notifications of free e-zines -  the service is also free and there are 4 or 5 of these per month…



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