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G'day All - Welcome to all new members - Welcome To Your Model Railway - New Members Area - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Fri May 25th, 2012 10:39 am
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G'day All,

My name is Gary and  I live in Padstow, Sydney, Australia. I am a horticulturalist by day and modeller by night. My particular interest at the moment is British OO, but roots in HO. I happened to stumble on this site whilst researching Coal Staithes of all things, something I have yet to build for my son's layout. I was so impressed with what I saw I thought I'd better sign up. It's always great to share information we garner over the years of modelling, let alone learning more. I must say, there is some excellent modelling out there.

I have been modelling railways since I was about 14 years old. Originally I started modelling in HO, New South Wales prototype, but my first electric trainset was bought for me by older brother when I was about 8. That old Lima set had me hooked, although I had always loved the railways from my early days reading, or I should say, looking at the pictures from the 'Railway Series', by the Rev. W. Audry. My son (Jack) now owns a copy of Thomas The Tank Engine, The Complete Collection, which is all the old Railway Series rolled into one book. I wish I owned that at his age !!

Over the years I have built many layouts, from branchline terminus, to large (central operation, 2 operators) continuous loops and larger around the walls (shelf) layouts, all in New South Wales Government Railways transition period. With the hassle of moving house several times, the last layout had been disassembled and stored for some time. It was due to be re-assembled, but unfortunately due to the passing of my 'railway buddy' Murray, this never happened.

Now being a father of two boys and the eldest a train freak, modelling has been rekindled. I first built Jack a Timesaver in OO, something for him to practice shunting Thomas & Co. on. Now I'm completing the second layout using the old boards from previous HO layouts. Jacks layout is still in the process of finishing and detailing. Although a small layout, it is better than no layout at all. I'm just glad I held onto a lot of early Triang/Hornby locos and rollingstock I had picked up from a friend of a friend. This includes Mk 1 coaches, 4-4-0s, 4-6-0s, Halls Class, Jintys, M7, 2MT and a lot of Triang Continental Australian series stock, including diesels, coaches and freight stock. Ok, it's not as good as new stock, but with some modification, it all runs well on code 100 track.

One day, after this layout ofcourse, I'm looking at building a Southern style branchline similar to Calstock - Gunnislake - Callington. The collection of Southern coaches has already started, soon for some Southern locos when finances allow, although modelling after grouping of the big four gives me an option to run whatever I like I guess. I call that "Poetic License".



____________________ a young lad, it was big trains for little boys, now it is little trains for big boys...!

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 Posted: Sat May 26th, 2012 11:09 pm
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Thanks for the post Gary.

I used to roam around Gunnislake in my youth so will look forward to the prospect  of seeing some photos of your Southern layout sometime in the future


British OO outline, DCC - NCE PowerPro, Sound chips, Computer Control- RR&Co software
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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2012 06:12 am
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Hi there Gary and a very warm welcome to the forum. Picture looks great and I look forward to more.

The time in Spain is :

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