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RR&Co FAQ Introduction and Index - RR & Co Tutorial and FAQs - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 02:35 pm
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John Dew
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I am going to take advantage of the fact this post is a sticky by listing the posts and edits that have recently been made

July 18 Inserted Max's Flagman segment...... I have to write 4.3 Virtual Contacts and also expand the switch segment 

July 12     Updated and Moved to new thread

               How the Loco runaround video worked 

                        Schedule Successors

                        Schedule Controls            this is a draft as a placemarker


The tutorial was originally written in 2009 and based on a simple premise of devising a loco run around followed by a loco exchange.

Since then a group of us have amassed a wide store of knowledge much of it undocumented. This thread is an attempt to set this information out in a logical easily accessible format. I am still retaining the tutorial components because I believe a working  example on a simple common layout is the easiest way to learn the basics of computor control .

As we add more technical detail there is a danger that the original simplistic approach will be obscured. If you are new to RR&Co and find it difficult to follow this thread ......please let me know by posting in the main thread. This document can never be etched in stone.....I am always looking for ways to improve and clarify the presentation.



The title of each post in the new Tutorial has been given a number. For example everything related to Engines and Trains has been numbered 005.x

If you click on [TOPIC] at top of the Sub Forum the posts will be sorted in numerical ie logical seqence rather than in date order. Hopefully this will make access easier

There is still a lot to edit in the original forum and then I have to distil the wisdom in the hundreds of posts in the general forum but at least it is a start

Granby III
Lenz DCC ,RR&Co Gold V9.0 A4 Windows 10
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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Getting You Started. > Electrics - DCC > RR & Co Tutorial and FAQs > RR&Co FAQ Introduction and Index
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