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Grassy/soily areas - Grass & Ground Cover - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Tue Jun 15th, 2010 11:46 pm
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Les wrote: Just caught up with this thread Mike and it is superb. May I ask a couple of questions?

Are your microfibre cloths a neutral colour to begin with? (Heaven knows where I'll get some though)

 Les they are the most vivid colours imaginable!

How do you paint them i.e.Do you spray them or just go over them with a brush?

 I brush paint them. It takes a couple of sessions. I use an old brush and ram it deep into the cloth and scrub it about.  Once dry, I use a wire pet-grooming brush to spruce it up again.

You say you use surgical lint. This is as rare as hens teeth both in Spain and the UK but I have hung on to some from a previous project/technique. Did you tear this into pieces before sticking it down or just lay it in sheets? (I presume it is the green stuff under your dyed microfibre cloth).
 Yes I tear it into irregular pieces and glue them down in an overlapping fashion. When dry it gets painted in some sort of dull colour. I do think tissues would work just as well. The lint I use is very fragile. It even tears while the glue is brushed on, but I like the random texture that results. I think it's supposed to be used under plaster casts for broken limbs.

I'm experimenting with real soil which I have dried and pulverised and wondered if you had tried the same method?

 Yes I used soil on both previous layouts and I loved the results. I mixed mine with water, PVA, plaster and some paint. I've never had problems with mould or anything organic coming out of it, yet I've never baked it. I did get some crumbling at the edges.

Sorry to be a bore but you know how much I value your opinion in matters like this.

Les I appreciate the questions!



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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Getting You Started. > Scenery > Grass & Ground Cover > Grassy/soily areas
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