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Card Modelling - Canopies For Barchester - Scratchbuilding. - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Sun Oct 14th, 2007 09:45 pm
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A lot of work done elsewhere but I'm afraid passengers have not been well looked after as far as shelter goes and have had to deal with weather swept, naked platforms. 

Time to do something about it so out came the card, kebab sticks, freezer labels, trusty blade and paint to make some canopy's. The length for the platforms is correct but the height and width is pure guesswork.
First job was to measure and mark out on a length of thick card the front, rear and ends of the roof support. After being cut out each of these components were scribed vertically to represent plankwork. The four sections were then glued together, using PVA, as in all my card modelling, four additional strengtheners were added, as can be seen in the photograph below. When the glue was dry a good coat of shellac was given to the whole thing. The shellac adds damp roofing and longevity to any card model. This part of the model was then painted and I used Humbrol enamel for this job. It is a paint I prefer where scribing is involved.

Next job was the roof, again from one length of card. The divisions, where the bends were going to go, were then marked up and scribed on alternate sides of the roof to allow for the opposite bending which will give us our shape. It is best to do this before and windows are cut out as the card still has full strength and will bend easier without risking distortion.

Next task is to cut out the windows and then once more a coat of shellac on both sides of the roof. The roof can then be painted, both sides, to your colour scheme. In this example I have used acrylic

When dry you can then glaze with whatever acetone sheet or clear plastic that you have. The stuff used on this model came from the stiffeners that are found on new shirts. To stick the plastic to the card requires a general purpose glue and I use UHU, stringless if I can get it. The glazing bars come next and they are simply slices of white sticky labels bought from Smiths, a packet goes a very long way. After they are in place I put a small dab of PVA on all the ends that are stuck to the card just to make sure the strips stay where I have put them.

Next job is the support posts and these are simply kebab sticks cut to length and painted. At the base of each post are four triangular pieces of card as the support plates for the model. I didn't want to put holes in the platform surface for the posts as the canopies may not be permanent, you just never know.

This is the finished article, three of them actually, there's a lot of platform space at Barchester.

The canopies in place on the layout and things are looking much better. More railway like. Nice for the passengers too.

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