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A couple of North Wales area layouts - Members Ideas For Layouts. - Model Railway Layouts. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Fri May 30th, 2008 06:25 am
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Got a couple here to show off. Not my normal micro's but I was looking through a popular site on the North Wales lines and it gave me some ideas (Both are in 4mm (00))..

The first is based on (if not actually), Pwllheli.

Although Pwllheli today is virtually a single track line, during the BR Blue era of the late 1970's - early 1980's, this was what I imagine the track layout to be, looking at pictures.

Operation: Much of this is focused around the Class 101 DMU, both 2 and 3-car varients. A DMU would arrive on the mainline, run into the platform, then back out again. The siding opposite the platform, scenic break and the loop itself were used as stabling points, with Pwllheli actually gaining it's own shed code!! (PI) The only freight seen at Pwllheli would be the odd tank or 2 of oil for the DMU's whilst stabled, or a P-way train.

Scenics: The layout fit's into roughly 8ft-9ftx2ft, although as you can see, the majority of the layout is angled towards the viewing side. The dotted line represents a raised track for the other platform. Maybe just the sleepers remain to add a bit of scenic interest. Scenicly however, the layout would suit a town scene or a seaside terminus, with an open sea backscene. To the front, a carp park or some recreational ground may suit. A Ratio gantry crane should be used to transfer flasks from road to rail.

Stock: A roster of Class 101 DMU's, both 2 and 3-car versions as previously mentioned, and a Class 25 with 1 or 2 oil tanks.

My second idea is a little fictional in track layout, but still a common theme.

This is an opposite of Pwllheli, with focus on freight operations, mostly nuclear flask moves. This still retains the late 1970's - early 1980's BR Blue era.

Operation: A Class 25 on a flask train runs into the loop, runs off and stables once removing the brake van. Once loading of the waste is complete, the loco runs the brake van onto the other end of the train, attaches to the front and runs off scene. Simple enough but with plenty of shunting to keep the user entertained. On the branch line, Class 101 DMU's and the occasional P-way or small freight pass on the short scenic section of the branch. Simple enough.

Scenics: This layout would require alot of tree's. Most of the green area is representing these. Personally, I wouldn't add the blue backscenes, keeping the layout open and using the tree's as scenic breaks for the dotted fiddle yard towards the rear and the left hand end. The wooded area covering the view of the fiddle yard to the rear would be on a slightly embankment to aid in hiding the stock etc. The layout is 9ftx2ft again.

Stock: This would require some kit building. The Class 25 is avaliable as a r-t-r product, as is the Class 101 DMU. The flask train would need to be kit built besides the brake van, which would be sourced from Bachmann. A single NFA nuclear flask wagon is used. This is available from Genesis Kits, priced at 17.50, or ready to run from Lancaster City Models for 84.95. Barrier wagons are converted from a Bachmann HEA hopper wagon and 2 of these will be required. The conversion kit is priced at 4 again from Genesis Kits. The HEA can be purchased for around 8.

Hopefully these may provide inspiration for someone, and both can be easily built in N gauge, although the nuclear flasks and barrier wagons may be a bit harder to source.

Any thoughts, tips or ideas, please feel free to add or ask. :wink: :)

Website Links:
Genesis Kits:
Lancaster City Models:
North Wales website:

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 Posted: Fri May 30th, 2008 06:49 pm
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That's a good start to this section Sam. Let's hope there are lots more.

The time in Spain is :

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