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0 gauge micro - Small Layouts,Planks and Micros - Model Railway Layouts. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Fri May 24th, 2019 08:20 pm
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jelicoe 1914
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New Level Mill a 7mm Micro Layout
New Level, now there’s a name to conjure with. Well no, abracadabra is a name to conjure with, but at least as a name New Level has a certain ring to it. So, questions, what’s it all about, why such a name, what and where is it?
I like building layouts simply because my enjoyment comes from the journey, rather than the finished article. I know I should get out more, but then I’m an independent almost recluse like modeller.
 Well if I must start somewhere it’s better to start at the beginning. New Level is yet another Earl of Dudley based layout and yes, another piece of bunkum. As this will be the 12th layout in a series of Black Country themed layouts, it has as usual my trademark massaged history and geographical manipulation. The layout is a snap shot of part of Round Oak Steel Works Brierley Hill and is based on a 7mm version of the Scalescenes boxfile layout. The name New Level Mill is from the New Level crossing on Level street
which if you know the area is not level at all.

The track in the photos is just placed on the work bench for effect and is hand built using copper clad sleepers and code 124 rail.
Oh, please excuse the red oxide primer. Now that my order from Cornwall Model Boats has arrived I can add the hand rail on the upper level.

'Twor Mee Iday Doit' (Black Country Latin)
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