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Hi All,
first I need to inform you about the here in this topic shown pictures and photos are over 100 years old. 
The Copyrights are protecting photos mostly between 70 and 100 years.
I found these photos and pictures at the Archives of the City Library of Lübeck and got their permission to show these old photos in several internet forums when adding a footnote to them.

Historical postcard free of Copyrights - old Lübeck Union Station, closed End of July 1908, deconstructed 1930

What all can we seeing on this prototype photo?
A shunting Loco, which brought some cars to the platform, is moving out off the Union Station.

A semaphore signal showing the HpRu aspect with signal arm in direction to the ground of signal in vertical position. Such signal aspects are knowing from bavarian signals before only. Well in the period of time between 1875 and 1937 this kind of signal position was a valid rule for all railways in germany.
It had the meaning of the closed railway traffic to the public.
If any Loco Engineer was seeing this Signal position or seeing by nighta blue lense ahead the white shining lantern, than he was advanced to stop the train ahead the signal.
Onto single or double track routes the signals of the other than of the actually used direction need to show this signal position too.

We are seeing the Bellcode Machines right in the photo behind the buffer stop. These Bellcode Machines informing the station personal staff of incoming trains from different routes. At Switzerland it is a common practise on some Railways actually, too.

We can see a Railway man standing onto the middle was the signal and interlocking man who operated the open Signal Lever Bench in the left (not shown onto photo), the telephone Isolators in the top of the Station building were not as much as in later years so this photo would be taken around the year of 1892 or before.
The pedestrain tunnel is not used by the people, who are awaiting the opening of the crossing gates.

We do seeing overhead wires of the  electric Trams. in the middle of the road crossing we do see a frog of a left hand turnout.

This turnout frog is in middle of the 90° Crossing of the Standard Gauge Railway Track and the 1100 mm narrow gauge Tram Track.

The flag pole has the Schleswig-Holstein flag in blue white red horizontal bars without the provincial state herold.

Schleswig-Holstein was the only prussian province what has their own flag with the horizontal bars of blue, white and red.

The LBE --> Luebeck <--> Buechen Railway should be built as short connection between Luebeck and Hamburg, but some of the Schleswig-Holstein Province had been occupied by the Danish Gouvernment and the Danish King does not give the permission to across his occupied terretory, so the railway had to be built around The danish Territory.In 1853 the Railway opened and connected the Berlin <--> Hamburg Railway at Buechen. A few years later the railway connected Lueneburg after acrossing the Elbe Stream to reach the Hamburg <--> Hannover Railway.
In 1864 Schleswig-Holstein got its own Civil War when Farmers made Rebellion to the Danish Occupation Troops and the prussian King of Berlin grapped the Chance to send own Troops and Coalition Troops from Austria who fought onto Side of the militionary Farmers. They fought back the Danish troops until short ahead of Copenhagen. Denmark gave up the War when the Ammunition of the last Fort was empty. The prussian troops went back to the old border line nearby Flensburg but promised to come back again if the Danish Gouvernment would not respecting the new Border line.
From 1864 on some Station buildings built after very fast evaluation of the directly Railway route between Lübeck and Hamburg.
This Railway was called the Hamburg Railway. It had been opened the service in 1865 and runs on a distance of 65 KM to Hamburg.
In 1872 until 1873 the Hamburg Railway got their second track. It was the most busy Railway Line of the LBE. In later years some more Railway lines had been build to connect Bath Oldesloe at Km 24 with a Railway to Kiel via New Muenster and in other direction to Berlin via Ratzeburg. Another private Railway connected Uelzburg South which is north of Hamburg. be continued later.

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