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Knottworthy Magna in 0/16.5 7mm Narrow gauge. - Narrow Gauge. - Other Areas. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Wed May 15th, 2019 01:02 pm
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To all the very kind members who have responded to my station cockup, with commiserations and helpful remedy suggestions, I offer my sincere thanks.

The windows do not respond to a Methylated  Spirit wash or any solvent I have to hand, and it is practically impossible to replace them, so we will have to assume that the glazing is a lost cause.

I was quite pleased that the Varnish and Methylated Spirit treatment has improved the overall looks of the model, but the more I look at the finished model in its place on my layout, even if I remove the outside waiting room, which is a relatively easy thing to do, I realise that the concept was wrong in the first place.

Fitted with its back to the backscene, it left far too much platform between the building and the platform edge to look likely, so reluctantly, I have decided to scrap it.

I am investigating a LCUT laser cut model which with the cooperation of the supplier will fit in the curve of the platform and fit in with the LCUT supplied signal box that is already made for the location of the old signal box, which has moved to the other side of the layout, along with the small waiting room.

The new building requires a small corner triangular piece removing at its left hand side, where it meets the back scene, and will lay across the large area of platform, with its right hand back corner finishing near to the signal box, this will create a small courtyard, accessible from the level crossing road for the locals to access it, and look more likely to be the creation of the time the railway was laid down.

I made a paper template of the footprint of the proposed new model as shown below.

This shows the position and the part of the model that requires removing where it impinges onto the back scene , I have sent this picture to Jakub at LCUT and asked if it was possible and I await his email reply.

So that's the state of play for the moment at Knottworthy Magna.


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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Other Areas. > Narrow Gauge. > Knottworthy Magna in 0/16.5 7mm Narrow gauge.
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