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Hi All,

I was the designated "Greeter" at a layout open house our local NMRA division held yesterday. This layout is a work in progress, and is 100% "old school" open frame construction, built to withstand major earthquakes and rock-steady. You could go clog dancing on the top of it. Around 13 x 26 feet, multilevel.

I'm posting some photos I took before manning the door, indifferent quality, but for those unfamiliar with open frame construction this is how it is done. Open frame pine construction at the bottom, elevated track bed constructed of cabinet-grade 3/4" birch ply on risers, topped with a layer of 1/2" homasote. This is a compressed cellulose material, much used in the construction world here, it will take screws and pins/spikes, glues easily with PVA, and is a good sound insulator. Note its use as track bed. You will see old pine, the owner took it all apart and rebuilt it just for the open house and conversion to DCC from DC. Definitely not modular.



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