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Sugar cane themed mini-layout - Small Layouts,Planks and Micros - Model Railway Layouts. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2018 02:15 am
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Hi All,

Back to a bit of modeling. This time even smaller than the last one - the main feature is going on a board 58" x 15" x 4" (lwh) with a small yet to be built fiddle-yard. My usual construction for the baseboard, 12mm Baltic birch frame, glued, and a 12mm Baltic ply screwed top. Cross-braces on 14.5" centers drilled for wires. The board was recycled from the last build. The plan calls for a small fiddle-yard some 6" wide and 2.48 feet long at one end. These dimensions may seem odd but the main board fits on the shelf as a shunting puzzle, and the main plus fiddle boards come to a total of 7.25 square feet. For those following my various meanderings this meets the "Scale 4 Square Feet" competition I'm developing (4 square feet in HO, in On30 this comes to 7.25 square feet)., I could use cassettes, but I'll stick to 2 tracks on the fiddle board.

This is my first ever try at a turntable, measuring my locomotive stock most of it fits comfortably on a 7" diameter one (and those that don't may find their tender reduced to a "shorty" version, or even a bunker!). A 7.25" diameter hole was duly cut out of one end, I used a jig saw for the rough cut, the Dremel on a string with an end mill followed by sanding drums to get it to 7.25" ± a bit (0.05"ish). No wonder home built turntables are like hen's teeth! That gives me 1/8" to play with for the wall. The depth is a scale 3.25' (21mm). The substantial floor was built from odd bits of 12mm Baltic ply glued and screwed, that should keep things stable. The 2" square plate type Lazy Susan bearing came this week (the smallest I could find, not bad for $4.50 post-free from Hong Kong and it is rated for 30lb), so that will be the first build. A Gallows-type wooden bridge should fit nicely on the 2" plate. Still exploring the electrical connections, I still like the idea of a slip ring arrangement and an automatic polarity reverser. Ideal for a Gallows turnout, where the bridge ran on a spider wheel and bearing system in the middle.

The track plan (based loosely on a prototype terminus on an island) calls for a wye and a 3-way turnout, as well as #4 frog regular turnouts. The jig for those came last week, that should help with those pesky frog angles and blade points. Plans for symmetrical 3-way turnouts are far and few, I have a Peco code 100 one for reference (and maybe even conversion to On30, we'll see). Space is tight (just like the prototype) so keeping the turnouts short is a priority. Must remember to have a stub turnout as well.

Pictures of the board with hole below, plus one of the lake from the balcony workshop. A very comfortable 87.5°F today with a bit of a breeze (31°C, it was up to 37°C earlier in the week). Progress will unfortunately be quite slow, 2-3 hours a week for the moment until the pinkies get working properly. I have a deadline of October 2018 for this one, fingers crossed. Ouch! Not yet lad, doc's orders.


©Nigel C. Phillips
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