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Please post any Exhibitions, local shows  Club events or  meets with a link IN THE RELEVANT MONTH  and we will add it into the first post for that month.   If you are promoting an event please feel free to start your topic in   Model Railway Shows as you normally do but also pop a post in the relevant Month Here with both a link to your show AND a link to your own show topic. these can then be added to the top post IN that month

Many thanks for your help in growing our calendar             

             JAN 2018                               FEB 2018                          MARCH 2018                    

             APRIL 2018       
                  MAY  2018                       JUNE  2018                   

             JULY  2018                           AUGUST  2018                SEPTEMBER  2018       

             OCTOBER  2018                   NOVEMBER  2018            DECEMBER 2018                

             JANUARY  2019                    FEBRUARY   2019            MARCH  2019

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That's the Calendar months  in until March 2019. We will keep adding one in each month so once your show is over you can enter NEXT years show straight in

 P.S. A huge thanks to Alan who is helping populate the first year




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Hayle mrc modelex 26/27 May


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