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Baseboards - ready made 'planks' - Baseboards. - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Sat Jan 13th, 2018 07:32 pm
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I have watched this family business from its inception, and joined up for the first year to encourage it to has gone from strength to strength without any help from me!

The laser cut MDF baseboards [link below] seem just the job for planks, for £42.50 [inc postage] you can get a 1200mm long by 290mm wide baseboard with a 280mm high back scene which just slots together.

As I am now starting to think about how I will use my little 10ft x 7ft railway room at the new house and don't want to take up the newish fitted carpet, a run of these round three walls, supported by steel slot bracket shelves looks like a good way to start, with a custom wide 'bit' incorporating a town scene seems very attractive.....Now, wholly OO9, a dual gauge layout with interchange, or wholly OO and at that price a separate portable OO9 layout?

Could it be a 27ft long plank with a twiddly bit? Think of the scenery and building possibilities, I'm almost excited!!!!


PS That's my ration of exclamation marks used up for the month! [Whoops...]

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 Posted: Sun Jan 14th, 2018 01:29 am
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Hi Doug,

Nice and easy approach. although it looks a bit tight on space underneath, supported on shelf brackets would solve that. T-trak modules here cost about the same.


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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Getting You Started. > Baseboards. > Baseboards - ready made 'planks'
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