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Going large - building large layouts - Layout Design, Trackwork & Operation. - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 09:26 pm
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Barry Miltenburg
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Thats a sweet pavillion you have there - looks very English!!

Unfortunately, the wonderful people at Planning Control deem that 8ft 2 1/2 inches (2.5 metres in French) is high enough for a garden building without the dreaded "Planning Permisison" so a central tower, however beautiful yours looks, would be prohibited.

At present, with the house renovation to complete, the shed is only being used as a store.  Days spent grovelling around under the floor of the house clearing out 1890 builder's rubble and spraying dry rot will soon be over I hope.  We have already started applying paint to the bedrooms and the builder is replacing structural timber with steels all over the place downstairs.  In 2 weeks time, the plans are to have the re-roofing complete, the steelwork done, all rooms plasterboarded (if not plastered) and the remiedial brickwork sorted.  It's downhill thereafter (he says confidently!!).

In the meantime, I have planned (and started) posting short videos on my Yarslow YouTube channel discussing the plan for the layout, the concept of Cab Control (for the dinosaur generation of DC users), prototypical stuff like BR wagon colours and markings and other layout stuff like "using relays in point operation", an update on my "Stopping Freight" operations etc.  In the absence of any modelling activity, this is as good as it gets and makes a useful distraction from the house where we are working 7 days a week to get back to our deadline of "move in by Xmas".

Unfortunately, during the re-roofing, I have ventured into the loft space to discuss insulation and discovered 4 massive rooms ripe for conversion - not for railway use as the roof space has structural walls running front-back and side-side - but ideal for my collection of model soldiers, slot cars and table football.

Mrs M was not impressed at my suggestion of making 4 more rooms.............

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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > Getting You Started. > Layout Design, Trackwork & Operation. > Going large - building large layouts
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