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Wayne's Bottle Shop - Scratchbuilding. - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Mon May 8th, 2017 04:03 am
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Bottle shops in Australia have grown so much that they are now like alcoholic supermarkets that service this growing market. Being a non drinker the last thing I would have thought of for the layout I am working on is a bottle shop but a friend of mine who saw some of the buildings I was making said "I always wanted my own bottle shop" and that was all I needed to embark on this model. Looking around locally I came across a dental surgery that looked right for this project so I scribbled out some drawings to use as a reference. The next step was to do some basic outline drawings in CorelDraw that I could print and check that everything would work I then measured the thickness of the card that I would use to help with planning and once this was done I moved on to producing the actual artwork. This photo shows the final stages where a printable sheet is produced with all the elements that are needed. I have, over many years, amassed a collection of building photos and I have dismantled a lot of them to set up a folder of doors, windows, industrial roller doors etc. which I can use on projects such as this. I do prefer to cut out windows and doors and to create them from scratch but for beginners these types of model are a good entry level item that can help to develop basic skills.

I have decided that Wayne's shop will have interior detail and is to be fitted with lighting. I always use matt board for these models as it is acid free and quite stable even in humid climates such as those here in Australia. I have already completed this model but I will make another one and show each stage of the process.

The model shown below is a low relief building called Woodley Walters Paints and Varnishes and shows how effective printed windows and doors can be.


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