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Preparing Shellac Flakes For Use - Hints, Tips & Smaller Projects. - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2007 01:18 pm
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Shellac isn't a must have for card modellers but I personally wouldn't be without it. Anyway, here is a short description of how to prepare the flakes.
In case people have never seen this material before here is a picture of a small pile of them straight from the packet.

I never mix up large quantities at once as long as there is somewhere nice and dry to keep the unused flakes. I first find a suitable glass container with a good fitting lid. The lid is important because we are dealing with a spirit that easily evaporates. I use smallish containers, about a quarter the size of the normal 1lb jam jar. There are many such in the average kitchen.
Make sure your container is clean and dry then fill almost to the top with the shellac flakes. Next you will need a bottle of methylated spirits. Pour the methylated spirits over the flakes and keep pouring until the container is almost filled.
Screw the cap on tightly and give things a good shake. It will take roughly an hour, or slightly less, for the flakes to melt into the spirit. Give the container the occasional shake to help things along.
When all is melted the job's done and the liquid is ready to use.
After you have finished using the shellac, on whatever project you are concerned with, do make sure that the threads of the container, or whatever holds the lid on, are clean. If you don't do this, and a few weeks go by before you use the liquid again, you will find that the lid is well and truly stuck down. Not funny.

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