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Fitting r-ramp meter to control panel - Members Projects - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2016 09:02 am
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Hi all just an update on my control panel, have decided to split my layout into 2 power districts fed via a SB5 & DB5 and wanted to monitor the power draw with the aid of r-ramp meters which i purchased from digi trains the basic ones with no fascia panel.

So i decided to make my own from some acrylic, as i didnt want any fixings showing from the front i drillied 2 holes on the rear and fixed machine screws into the rear.
The fascias were then sent to my local engravers to for engraving.

Once returned from the engravers the fascias were checked and a few minor adjustments were made for alignment with the r-ramp meter i also wanted to allow for removal  from the control panel for standalone diagnostic checks so the 2 fixing holes were enlarged for the machine screws and nuts fixed in place.

With the fascias now fitted it was time for fitting to the control panel.

what i wanted to try to achive with the control panel was to impose the whole track plan on to the control panel first i drew the track plan in anyrail purchased a sheet of 10mm acrylic sheet and asked my local engraver to engrave the track plan on to the acrylic sheet i then constucted the cabinet from mdf which i sprayed in black.

Now just to check the r-ramp meters are working ok i connected them to a couple of track straights via crocodile clips


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You are here:  Your Model Railway Club > More Practical Help > Members Projects > Fitting r-ramp meter to control panel
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