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Steven's Halstead Layout - Members Personal Layouts. - Model Railway Layouts. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Thu May 17th, 2018 10:19 pm
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Hello everyone.

Well it has been just over a year since I posted here. We have finally moved in November 2017.

Tonight I decided to look up the site and say hello.

Our house is a 3 bedroom home compared to 2 bed flat we were in. Room for a new layout! I'll have the smaller bedroom that is slightly narrower than my layout I'd been building. Not to worry.

I'll commence something else at some point. But I think that will be a long way off.

This year there are more home improvement projects than I care to list. Once some of the major ones are done such as closets in our bedroom plus a driveway is in the pipeline, then I can think about my little room for model railway building.

I cannot wait!

When I have a bit of time between working then DIY most evenings plus some sleep, I'll have a look at what you've been doing. I look forward to that to. Anything in particular I should know about that I've do say.


Just moved house. A new railway plan is inevitable. Watch this space.
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 Posted: Wed May 30th, 2018 09:51 pm
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Barry Miltenburg
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I notice a request some time back for ideas for a layout and a few plans?  Whilst they are somewhat "old hat", there is a lot to be gained by looking at Peco's plans books - 60 Plans For Small Layouts, Plans For Model Railways etc.  They are available on eBay for a few quid each.  They may not fit into current trends for micro layouts but a lot of us have built one or more of these little layouts at some point or stolen ideas for our own projects.  Cyril Freezer, who wrote these books and did a lot of the plans, also wrote a few basic books on railway modelling which allow someone with a train-set to step into Railway Modelling - again, they have been copied but rarely bettered.

Whilst you lay drives and decorate your new home, research time for the railway will repay you large dividends.  My own Final Grand Plan which set sail recently was 5 years in the planning (although I had another layout to play with).  As a result, the design, electrics, scenic ideas and operational aspects of it are carefully honed.  It is better to screw up a lot of paper than screw up a layout!!  [btw, it includes a Cyril Freezer plan known as "Minories" - check CF's little gem out on YouTube]

Good luck - look forward to seeing progress


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