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Oiling And Servicing Locos. - Hints, Tips & Smaller Projects. - Getting You Started. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2007 12:59 pm
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Tim posted this on the previous forum.

Perry replied to my query about locomotive maintenance back in February 2007. Until he returns to "claim back" his authorship it's worth reposting his instructions here for the time being.

The Rector asks: "As I learn something every day about this wonderful hobby one area does interest me - the subject of locomotive maintenance/lubrication etc. I have a small fleet of some nine second hand engines, some of which are in need of some TLC. They run stiffly, and one just groans a little and doesn't move! Any advice or pointers would be very gratefully received."

The first thing to do is strip them down and clean all the muck off the running gear, wheels, con-rods, gears, axles, in fact every moving part. You will be amazed at how much rubbish can get wound round one axle!

When everything is clean, put a little drop of light oil, 3-in-one type stuff is good, into a small container. Then use the tip of a piece of wire; a straightened out paper clip is good, to transfer one small drop of oil to all the locations that need it, which is pretty much the ones you cleaned. (Except for the running surfaces of the wheels. Don't get oil on them or you ain't goin' anywhere fast! The end bearings of the motor especially will need one drop of oil each.

DON'T OVER OIL - it picks up muck even faster than before and gets sprayed over everything.

Check the springs and brushes on the motor. They will almost certainly need replacing if they are old. The brushes deteriorate over time and the springs become weak. You can get these from a number of spares stockists via the internet, depending on the manufacturer of the loco concerned.

Clean the commutator of the motor. Very carefully scrape the black deposits out of the grooves with a small screwdriver, or similar implement. Polish the outside of the commutator with some fine emery cloth. I also give mine a wipe with some alcohol (not the single-malt good stuff, I hasten to add) to get any grease off.

Having done all these things to my locos that had been stored in the garage for well over 20 years, they now all run sweetly again.

Best of luck with yours.


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