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LMS Milk Tank Upgrade - Kit Bashing - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Wed Aug 6th, 2014 05:44 pm
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I'm at it again.  Regulars will know I've been building stock for a milk train.  I've completed a 6 wheeled insul. milk van and ex MR milk van.  The brake vehicle, a Stove R, is nearing completion.

What I need is milk tanks.  I actually have 6, but thought I'd start with the 3 shown here:

Beneath that coating of filth are United Dairies tanks.  These are Hornby models which really are quite good.  As is usual for me though, the underframes leave me cold.  The Dapol tanks aren't too bad, but shouldn't have brakes on the center axle.

Some while ago, I happened on a thread on one of the forums showing some very interesting work by Justin Newitt at Rumney Models:

There are some great photos of his kits as well as instructions. 

I was blown away by the level of detail he had achieved on milk tanks and decided I really had to get some of his etches.  If you're in the UK, he will accept cheques as payment.  However, he won't absorb PayPal charges.  Nevertheless I contacted him and worked out a deal where I would pay the charges (not all that much really, ~ $3 if memory serves).  So a few weeks ago, I sealed the deal and these arrived yesterday.

There are 3 etches to construct LMS underframes as well as a pair of etches for detailing the upperworks (each detail fret will do two tanks).

Anyway, this is a placeholder, since I've got a lot of other stuff going on.



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