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Nigel's Workbench December 31 2013 - On Members Workbenches. - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Fri Jan 24th, 2014 04:44 am
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Hi all,

The thread is interesting, and nothing much to report on the Dean (but see below). I've been busy for the past 2 weeks on the O-16.5 narrow gauge WW-1 Baldwin 4-6-0 tank while I wait for bits for the Dean. I'll post in a bit, as it's proving to be an interesting beast to build.

One reason I keep away from Gibson drivers is that I cannot seem to get them vertical on the axle. I watched Colin (the new owner of the business) put an 0-6-0 wheel set together at Warley in about 2 minutes, and all quartered correctly. All I can say is practice makes perfect. Romfords/Markits are more to my liking, chunkiness notwithstanding, as a) the wheels are vertical to the axis, and b) quartering is automatic. As long as the flanges go through my inside chaired track I'm happy. 

After looking at some pictures of the backhead of the preserved Dean at STEAM (Swindon), plus some pictures of Dean cabs from from 1910-1914 I decided to go with a white metal backhead, rather than try and do one myself. I also decided to lower the floor so I could fit some volute springs and a  reverser. The Dean was subject to a bit of deconstruction, a cut-out made for the new floor, and the backhead filed smooth and reduced in thickness by half. I ordered a 14XX backhead in the end plus some etches of regulator handles and lever reversers, as well as an AWS box (Mainly Trains). I'll do the volute springs myself from soft copper wire. I'll do the floor and sides to the splashers from brass when the backhead arrives. That securing nut will need some filing down to accommodate the fall plate. Currently held in place with a spot of CAA, it will need soldering. 

Continuing in the "no expense spared as long as it doesn't involve money" approach to this kit (my budget is £10.00 in new bits), I found a set of wheels and axles for the tender (EM, Gibsons) and a N/S etch for a GWR 2500 gallon tender chassis (Branchlines) in the spares box. May have a go at that over the weekend, plus putting the tender together. I may backdate the tender a bit with coal rails, not sheets.  

Got a new cutting mat today - 18" x 24" for $15.00 US, free postage as well! The current state of cleanliness will soon change.


©Nigel C. Phillips
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 Posted: Mon Jan 27th, 2014 11:52 pm
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The old Dean is coming along nicely Nigel.
It should look the business when running on your railway.
all the best,

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