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Cradley Heath show 19th October 2013 - Model Railway Shows. - Model Railway Layouts. - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Wed Sep 25th, 2013 05:22 pm
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Frank Collins, formerly of this parish has organised the first ever exhibition to be held by Cradley Heath Model railway Club.

Frank's was known on YMR as Dukedog and his layout Pen Y Bont was very popular but unfortunately the thread seems to have disappeared. My layout Much Murkle will also be making its first public appearance.

If you are in the area why not come along, see some quality layouts and say hello.


The layouts appearing are:

Much Murkle       by Nick Wood             00 gauge GWR Branch line terminus.
Glenhuig            by Garry Hinson          EM gauge  Scottish Region BR Blue.
Spinners End      by Mike Bragg             0 gauge  Black Country   Steam era.
Peters Street      by Pete Harvey           00 gauge Morden branch line terminus
Dudley Road       by Pete Harvey           00 gauge Modern image Diesel depot
Astley                by Nick Pallette           00 gauge GWR Branch line terminus.
Aberlaff              by Ian Morton             00 gauge BR Blue & 009 Gauge steam.
Schillers Point     by Jordan Foster          0 gauge American outline Diesel.
Smoghampton    by Ned Williams           Gauge 2  historical layout.
Evington St John by Shaun Greet           BR Eastern region steam.
Bewdley             by Telford MRG            2mm (N) Gauge.
Colorado Bluff     by Cradley Heath MRC  H0 American Steam/Diesel
Chirk                  by Mike Thomas           GWR N Gauge Through station end to end layout
Victoria Bridge                                      N gauge replica of the real thing on the Severn Valley Railway
Skip Hill             by Peter Cullen            4mm 00 gauge quarry layout
Garn                  by Robert Jackson        009 gauge Welsh tourist line
Little Brickhill     by Steve Kesterton       00 Gauge circular minimum space layout.

Plus a selection of traders and demonstrations

Hope to see some of you there

Nick AKA Woody
Much Murkle GWR a layout in the making
Much Murkle website
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 Posted: Wed Sep 25th, 2013 05:25 pm
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Looks to be a great show.  Pity about the distance for me.



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